Do you have product to sell and want your own eCommerce store?

Do you currently sell on eBay but cannot control the inventory across multiple sales channels? 

Do you want to have 10, 20, 30 or even 40 images of an item but cannot afford to pay outrageous fees to showcase your item? 

Do you want a site that pools thousands of other items from multiple sellers all on one site to help market your own eCommerce site?

Look no further, iVendere is your solution.  iVendere is the sister site to iVendita.  iVendere helps you to list and maintain inventory control over your items.  Whatever you list to your own eCommerce store will simultaneously go on to iVendita.  What is the extra charge for this?  Absolutely nothing. 

iVendita was built for one reason, to help market your eCommerce store.  We know how difficult it is to create an eCommerce site and even more difficult is to market it.  With literally millions of websites out there, how do you get noticed without paying a fortune to sites like Google Adwords?  iVendita has thousands of items and links all those items to their respective eCommerce store.  No fees to pay because iVendita does not facilitate the transaction like eBay or Amazon.  It's all about you!

Want to learn more to get your items on iVendita and to help maintain inventory control to multi-channel sell?  Just go to!