Buying is a simple process on iVendita.  When you find an item that you like, click on it and you will be taken to the eCommerce site that sells that item.  Simply click on the Buy Now button and you will open the shopping cart.

All stores that are linked from iVendita use the iVendere system to post their items to their eCommerce store and simultaneously to iVendita. 


Q:  Am I buying from iVendita?
A:  No, you are buying from an independent eCommerce store.  Many of the store owners on iVendita also sell on eBay with excellent feedback.

Q:  Can I combine shipping?
A:  If you are purchasing more than one item from a single eCommerce store, it will depend on whether that store does give a shipping discount.  If you are purchasing from two separate eCommerce stores, you will have to pay shipping for both items.